Electric fireboxes are superior to traditional fireplaces in almost every way. An electric fireplace is environmentally friendly. These fireplaces are also significantly more convenient. The most important facet of an electric fireplace is safety. In short: there’s really nothing a traditional fireplace can do that an electric fireplace can’t do, but an electric fireplace is safer, easier, and more affordable.

In the future, I am convinced, all fireplaces will go “green” and go electric. Now, I would like to let you know that I love traditional, real fireplaces. I have nothing against them. In fact, some of my fondest memories revolve around a warm family fireplace. And no fireplace is so unattractive that it can’t be immediately spruced up with a good fireplace mantel. But electric fireplaces, if I may be frank, are simply superior to traditional fireplaces in most every way.

First of all, articial fireplaces should not be confused with those infamously tacky “video fireplaces”. Unlike video fireplaces, these modern appliances actually emit real warmth. An electrically powered fire scene serves as a secondary heater, or even a primary heater in average sized rooms. When it comes down to it, artificial fire scenes are just as capable of proliferating warmth as a real, traditional fire. And while it doesn’t look quite real from up close, from a fair distance (perhaps five yards away) it looks just like a real, roaring fire.

Artifical fireplaces, unlike their traditional smoke-spewing counterparts, are quite friendly towards the environment. Because it runs on electricity, it directly releases ZERO carbon emissions, and its carbon imprint is significantly less than that of a real fire. It will not produce smoke, which means that you don’t need to worry about inhaling harmful airborne agents and vapors, and an artificial fire scene won’t spew smoke into the outside air either. An electric fire scene also protects our natural resources, because it does not burn wood or coal as fuel.

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Artificial fireboxes are much, much more convenient than traditional fireplaces. They require a very simple installation, and after that, you have very little to worry about. No real cleaning is necessary, but it’s certainly not a bad idea to dust off the screen once in a while, in the same way that you would clean a computer monitor or a window. Additionally, with an electric fire scene, you don’t need to worry about the prior preparation a normal fireplace entails. Perhaps you can see it now: you come home after work and simply flip a switch, and within moments you enjoy the beauty and comfortable warmth of a “truly false” roaring fire. Perhaps my favorite part is this: with an artificial fireplace, you won’t need to clean up that ashy mess the following day!

An electrically powered fireplace is also remarkably convenient for people who live in apartments or homes that don’t have chimneys. With this innovation it is possible to enjoy the comfort and visual drama of a good fire, without needing to think about whether your home is properly ventilated, or has a chimney to vent out the smoke and fumes. These artificial fire scenes have the added benefit of ultimately keeping money in your pockets: if you buy an artificial fireplace, you won’t ever have to concern yourself with purchasing expensive and fast-burning fuels like firewood and coal. After you install the firebox, the only bill you’ll need to pay is your electric bill. You don’t even have to worry about paying for the gas that normal fireplaces require. And once again, because you don’t need to clean an electric fire scene, you won’t have to fork over the cash to pay for cleaning supplies.

In all likelihood, however, the best and most important feature of artificial fireplaces is their safety value. Because there is no “real” fire, there is no real danger. There is no need for you to sit and monitor your fireplace for dangers, because there is no way an artificial fire can get out of control. You won’t even have to worry about furniture, decorations and other items that you wish to place near your artificial fireplace: The worst thing that can happen to any item you set near the fireplace is that the item will become “toasty warm”. Without a real fire, there is no burning, no unnecessary inconvenience, and no danger!

In short: simply put, there is a veritable treasure trove of benefits to electric fire scenes that real fireplaces simply do not provide, but an electric fireplace can do everything that a traditional fireplace can do, only better.

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